Wuling Mountains to Be a New Benchmark for the Cultural & Tourism Integration in Chongqing_fororder_2

The alliance strives to build a demonstration area of folk customs and eco-tourism in Wuling Mountain scenic as well as a demonstration tourism zone of Wujiang Gallery, thus making Wuling Mountains a new benchmark for cultural & tourism integration development.

Wulipo, Chongqing Becomes a World Natural Heritage Site_fororder_1

On July 28, 2021, the 44th World Heritage Committee deliberated and approved the boundary modification proposal for Shennongjia World Heritage Site. Chongqing Wulipo was thus incorporated into the World Natural Heritage Site. Both Wulipo and Shennongjia World Heritage Sites belong to Daba Mountain Arc. 

Breathtaking Scenery of "Sleepless Chongqing"_fororder_1

Recently, the lighting ceremony for the traditional landscape area of Shibati (18 Steps), Chongqing, China, was held. This ceremony marks that the construction of the intelligent night floodlighting system of the first phase (Sections A, B and C) of the Shibati traditional landscape area basically come to an end. It adds a night-tour option for visitors to Chongqing.

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For people who love sunny weather, Mongolia, known as the "Land of Blue Skies," is definitely a good place to visit. There are about 250 sunny days throughout each year in the country, although the weather is quite cold in the winter, and the temperature can drop down to minus 30 degrees Celsius in some areas.
Everyday life for the people of the Mekong basin is entwined with the natural rhythm of the river. Its active floodplains and biodiversity-rich fisheries support food security and livelihoods, while the calm waters are used in recreation and for transportation.